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Replace Bathroom Caulk to Prevent Costly Water Damage

November 06, 2013

Sir Grout is one of the fastest hard surface restoration companies around the globe. One of the most common issues we see in our business is mold and cracking caulk in tubs, showers and on back splashes. Mold and cracks in your caulk is a major sign that it's not doing the job of keeping water out of unwanted areas.

Failing caulk is the number-one cause of expensive repairs due to water damage. One of the best ways to avoid these costly repairs is to check your caulk regularly and re-caulk if there are any signs of mold, cracking, or peeling. Replacing caulk is inexpensive and protects against water damage. In fact, 90% of all leaks in bathrooms are the result of bad caulk.

We like to say "caulk is to a shower as oil is to a car's engine" Change the oil regularly and the engine will last for many years. The same can be said about the caulk in your shower, when replacing the caulk, be sure to completely remove any of the old caulk before replacing it with a fresh bead. This will assure a good adhesion of the caulk and will enable it to last longer.

The best way to preserve the life of your caulk is to dry the area after use and allow to ventilate by leaving your shower door or curtain open after use. Moisture is your caulk's worst enemy, so do your best to keep it dry. If caulking is not one of your strongest skills, Sir Grout does provide this service. To find a Sir Grout near you click on and get a free quote today.


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