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The SIR GROUT Franchise System

Thank you for your interest in SIR GROUT franchise opportunity. We are excited to have you pursue this opportunity. Please review this checklist for important steps and items to consider.

  1. Review this Information Packet: While reviewing the information packet create a list of questions. We will be happy to discuss with you at your earliest convenience.
  2. Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): After receipt of Confidential Questionnaire and a brief orientation over the phone we will send you our FDD. The FDD contains information about SIR GROUT including details about initial fees and investments, a sample Franchise Agreement, contact information and other important information. "The Federal Trade Commission requires that you hold and review the FDD for 14 days prior to signing a franchise agreement or making payment to us." The FDD is provided to you for your personal use. Feel free to mark, underline and highlight things you wish to discuss as you read it.
  3. FDD Receipt (Exhibit 6): Inside the FDD you will find a FDD receipt form. Please date the day you receive it as this starts the holding/review period. Please have anyone that that will sign the Franchise Agreement sign the FDD receipt. Note, there is a place for Corporate Entities/LLC to sign.
  4. Validation Calls: After reviewing the FDD with your SIR GROUT representative, you will be strongly encouraged to call existing franchise owners to learn more about SIR GROUT and see if it fits with your goals and expectations.
  5. Territory Disclosure: Once the exact geographic area of your interest is specified, we will send you a map of that area and latest home census figures.
  6. Franchise Approval: In order to proceed with the franchise acquisition you must alert us that you wish to sign a SIR GROUT Franchise Agreement and its related exhibits.
  7. Signing Franchise Agreements: Upon receipt and approval of the above items, we will send you two identical copies of the Franchise Agreement. You will need to sign both copies of the Franchise Agreement and return them to SIR GROUT. We will execute both copies and return one to you.

All information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only and nothing herein may be construed, deemed, interpreted or constituted to be an offer or the sale of a franchise.




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