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Transform and Shield your Surfaces

The SIR GROUT Advantage

Sir Grout Offers It's Owners Multiple Revenue Streams. It's Like Having Four Franchises For The Price Of One!

We've Made Renewing Tile and Grout Simple and Easy!

Why Do Many Home Owners Dread Re-Doing Tile Floors or Walls?

Although tile is designed to last for many years, it can still give the appearance of looking worn and sometimes out of date. What's stopping the homeowner from replacing their tile?

Time Consuming

Tiling and grouting is time consuming. It can go on for days and sometimes weeks.

Extreme Inconvenience

The area affected usually becomes totally unlivable during the process. In the case of kitchens and baths, an entire household can be terribly inconvenienced for the duration of the project.

Prolonged Mess and Potential Damage

Demolition of the existing tile is messy and loud. It often damages adjacent walls, cabinets and moldings. In addition, construction dust finds its way into every remote corner and crevice of the house. No matter how carefully rooms are partitioned off, dust will continue to appear in unexpected places for weeks, even months later.


Because of all the time, labor and materials, the cost of re-doing tiled floors can be prohibitive.

SIR GROUT's Revolutionary Process Renews Grout... Without the Hassle and at a Fraction of the Cost of Replacement

Most jobs can be done in just one day and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. In fact, treated floors can be walked on minutes after the job is completed.


Our process is super clean. With SIR GROUT there's no need to cover your furniture, cabinets, seal off rooms or vacate your home. You'll be back on your floors in minutes!


Our process is practically odorless. Breathe easy knowing that our process won't have you opening windows and doors for fresh air.

Far Less Expensive

SIR GROUT costs a fraction of other alternatives, as much as 75% less. Think of what you can do with the difference... maybe new furniture or accessories, to beautify your home even more.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If we don't deliver exactly as promised, we will come back and make it right.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other companies in the grout restoration business, SIR GROUT has it own written warrant. Some grout restoration franchises allow their owners to decide whether or not they will stand behind their work or not... not US! The SIR GROUT system is simple, easy to master, not messy, and possesses an incredible customer satisfaction rate with relatively few customer call-backs. Our proprietary products and system are unsurpassed in the industry and we stand behind our work 100%. In short, we believe we are the best hard surface care franchise on the market.

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Not sure what your home needs?

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