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Don't Let Humidity Ruin Your Summer

June 15, 2014

Summer is that sweet time of year when pool fun is the main activity in our lives. During these months, while heat is all around, so is humidity! In other seasons (particularly fall and spring), this also causes mold and mildew problems in bath areas. In the summer, humidity usually fluctuates between 75% and 100%, so this is when it is a greater risk. And when you add the heat factor, it is really something to fear!

Now, don't you worry… summer isn't necessarily tragic for your bathroom tiles! It takes a bit of elbow grease to get them looking lovely, but it's not impossible. Your main focus should be simple: Keep your bathroom dry when not in use. As previously mentioned, the effects of humidity is just what can cause the most damage.

The first thing you need to do is allow air to circulate around your bathroom. This means keeping windows open after showering and becoming best friends with your bathroom's exhaust fan. Don't forget to turn it on during showers and keeping it going until about thirty minutes after you step out of the shower. This will keep air going around the room, allowing water to dry quickly, not giving it time to sink into your shower's tile work. Also, make sure to keep shower door open when not in use.

We recommend cleaning your bathroom well about once a week to keep your shower space fresh. This is important because dust is a food source for mold. First, dust efficiently and then use a pH neutral cleaner on your bathroom's surfaces; from the floors and walls to the shower, bath and sink. Pamper your bathrooms! Deep clean them once a week. Make sure not to forget about rugs and shower curtains. Having them cleaned and dried at least once a week helps you prevent unhealthy bathrooms.

Not having your bathroom tiles sealed can be potentially damaging. By having grout sealed in the summertime, you can avoid the costly damages of unnoticed leaks in your bathroom. In any case, it is always a good idea to check your bathroom for leaks or water-drainage problems – it'll save you a lot of headaches later!

Now, if you happen to be reading this article a little too late, don't worry! Sir Grout's professionals are just a call away from making your bathroom look shiny and new.


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