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Do's and Don'ts of Marble Cleaning

September 30, 2014

Marble is one of the most attractive stones you can choose for your home's floors and other surfaces. It is a very versatile stone that comes in a broad range of colors and styles, making it ideal for adapting to various rooms and environments. While it is not the most inexpensive stone to buy and install, it is quite durable and luxurious. With proper care, you can maintain its qualities over time.

When it comes to marble, it is important to have it sealed to protect it from damaging agents. As it is fairly prone to scratching and etching, it should be cleaned often, particularly around high-traffic areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms. A popular stone for countertops and showers, marble must be cleaned with the proper chemicals to avoid damage. An absolutely vital factor to keep in mind when cleaning marble is the products used for the task must be pH-neutral and non-acidic, as others can cause irreversible damage to the beautiful stone. Make sure to avoid the following chemicals at all costs:
  1. Acids. Fruit juice can easily stain or etch your marble when not cleaned quickly. This also applies to vinegar or tile and grout cleaners. Therefore, clean spills of carbonated beverages and acidic fruit juices, such as orange, lime or cranberry, immediately!
  2. Alkaline. The second chemical you should avoid when it comes to marble cleaning is any form of alkaline, bleach or ammonia. These can greatly diminish your marble's shine and beauty. When cleaning marble, you can enlist different products specially made for the care of this stone. You can use pH-neutral soapless cleaners to give your marble a great finished touch.
We'll keep you posted on how to take the best care of your hard surfaces!


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