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This Valentine's Day, You Could Win a Full Kitchen Countertop Restoration!

January 29, 2016

Valentine's Day hasn't always been hearts and roses. Over time it's been many things-- and why not? It's been around for centuries, starting as an ancient pagan celebration of fertility until the 5th century when Pope Gelasius took over the date to honor Saint Valentine, a priest beheaded in 270 AD for performing Christian marriages. Even then, the day was not associated with romance until the Middle Ages when poet Geoffrey Chaucer linked the day with love in his poem Parlement of Foules. "For this was on Saint Valentine's day, when every fowl comes there his mate to take".

Love Sir Grout Valentine's Day Contest

And from there the holiday just kept growing.

From the handwritten notes friends and lovers exchanged in the 18th century, to the masses of printed cards that are swapped today, Valentine's Day comes second only to Christmas for the number of cards and gifts sent. An estimated 1 billion Valentine's Day cards and gifts are expected to be sent this year. That, my friends, is a lot of love. And who doesn't love love?

Here at Sir Grout, we are not the exception! We want to share the love beyond cards and chocolates (although those are very nice). We want you to help us spread love out to the world. That's why we want to invite you to enter our #LoveSirGrout Valentine's Contest today!

It's very easy to participate! You just need to keep checking our posts very carefully, because over the next few weeks you will find clues and riddles in them! Each post will contain a clue that will help you complete a phrase. When you discover the final message, you just need to comment the phrase you found in our clues on our Facebook page. The first person to complete the message will win a full kitchen restoration service!

You just have to comment on our wall with the hashtag #LoveSirGrout, and you will be participating for a chance to give your home some love! You have until Thursday, February 10th to participate, and we will announce the winners on Friday, February 11th! What are you waiting for? Follow us on our social media and start spreading the love with Sir Grout!

To enter the contest, like and follow our Facebook page at

To view the official contest page and rules, click here for official contest page and rules.


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