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The Importance of Sealing Your Stone and Tile Floors

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August 27, 2014

Sir Grout is one of the fastest growing hard surface restoration companies around the globe. A revolution in tile and grout care, Sir Grout offers the ultimate in comprehensive care.

Are your once-beautiful tile floors or walls now damaged and discolored? This can easily happen if the grout lines or natural stone were never sealed after installation or if the seal wasn't properly maintained. In fact, most surfaces are never sealed and before long dirt, mildew and stains penetrate, making it appear dull and dirty. Discolored grout and scratched stone can turn your once-dazzling floors or walls into an eyesore. There is a solution, however: Sir Grout, the experts in grout and tile care.

Tile and Stone Surfaces Can Look Dull and Dirty if Not Properly Sealed
According to Tom Lindberg, co-founder of Sir Grout, deep cleaning and sealing grout with their proprietary sealants will keep floors and walls looking new again for years. Amazingly, Sir Grout can clean and seal grout, ceramic, travertine, limestone, marble, and granite.

Sir Grout Can Clean and Seal Grout Ceramic and Natural Stone
"Many homeowners are unaware that they can bring back the beauty of their tile floors, walls and countertops without tearing up their tile and starting over," says Mr. Lindberg. "We provide a distinct service with uncommon results -- making old looking grout and stone look new again. In fact, many of our customers tell us their floors or walls look better than the day they were installed." "Just as important," adds Mr. Lindberg, "we help keep grout and stone surfaces looking new for years to come."

Kitchen Interior With Sealed Hard Surfaces Because It's The Best Way for You To Protect Them
Sir Grout uses a non-toxic cleaning solution to pre-treat grout lines before using a purpose built scrubbing machine and 275-degree vapor steam to remove embedded dirt and open the pores of the grout. "The key factor to properly seal surfaces is the prep," adds Mr. Lindberg. Sir Grout's sealant is then applied, penetrating the grout's pores and creating a permanent barrier that repels stains and dirt. With 30 different tints, Sir Grout's sealant can either restore or change the grout's original color, depending on a customer's wishes. It's truly a transformational process.

Kitchen Interior Before and After Sealed by Sir Grout Professionals Who Make Surfaces Look Brand New
The Sir Grout process is safe, odorless and usually takes one day to complete and homeowners can walk on their tile floor within minutes! The grout looks new, uniform in color and, if maintained properly, will retain its fresh look for years. Guaranteed! Sir Grout also offers a maintenance program that extends its warranty. A homeowner simply needs to follow the Sir Grout prescribed cleaning program and use its PH neutral soapless cleaner, which does not leave behind a soapy film that traps dirt particles.

It is extremely important to seal natural stone and tile as it acts as a shield, preventing future stains and dirt build-up. Sir Grout provides a state-of-the-art stone, tile & grout sealing service. To find a Sir Grout near you click on and schedule a free quote with your local Sir Grout franchise.

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