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How to Rescue a Shabby Jacuzzi with a Grout Sealing Service

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October 11, 2016

Today, life is filled with traffic, pollution, noise, responsibilities, and long work hours. So, keeping up with daily activities can be very stressful. This is why looking for ways to relax is imperative to have a healthy life. There are tons of options when it comes to choosing activities that help you prevent stress. However, none of them can beat taking a nice bath in a Jacuzzi, as it is both entertaining and therapeutic. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve this source of relaxation by giving it proper maintenance on a periodic basis.

Before and After Picture of a Jacuzzi Grout Sealing Service
This Jacuzzi was part of a residential building, whose residents noticed how it had become worn down with time and use. The tiles had become dull, and the grout lines were dingy, stained, and crumbling, which had led to their disintegration. Then, the homeowners decided to look for professional help. They browsed the web for hard surface restoration companies and noticed that some of them stated that cleaning grout is not enough to achieve outstanding and long-lasting results. Thus, these companies recommended a grout sealing service instead to prevent further damage or a costly remodel. The owners decided to contact us after watching the video testimonials on our website. So, they filled out the form and scheduled an appointment to have their precious Jacuzzi assessed by our team of experts.

With just one glance, the team knew exactly what the problem was, how to fix it, and how to prevent future deterioration, since they are professionally trained to achieve the best results possible in every service. They told the homeowners that the surface was stained and needed a thorough cleaning. Since the grout was so damaged, they recommended removing the existing, decayed grout to replace it with a new and tougher material.

Grout is a highly porous material that acts like a sponge when subjected to water and dirt. This can lead to stains, mold, and mildew, which weakens the grout lines, making them crumble. Therefore, grout needs to be sealed as soon as it's installed to prevent all these unpleasant outcomes. In the case of this building's Jacuzzi, it had been exposed to moisture and excessive use for a long time. It came as no surprise to the team that there were signs of deterioration, since the grout lines were never sealed and many people used the Jacuzzi.

When the day of the job arrived, the team prepared for the arduous task they had ahead. Our professionals started by cleaning the surface with pH-neutral products and a high-speed scrubber that removed all the dirt from the surface. They also used vapor steam cleaning to remove deep-seated dirt. At that point of the service, the team was ready to carry out the most critical stage of the job. They removed what was left of the grout and refilled the grout lines with Stainmaster Epoxy Grout a modern, resistant product designed for filling in grout lines, which doesn't need a sealant. Since this amazing product comes in different colors, the homeowners were able to choose an off-white shade that perfectly matched the tiles.

The Jacuzzi's drastic change was evident even to the naked eye. The homeowners were very happy to have their Jacuzzi back. They affirmed it looked as good as new and thanked the team. They said they would recommend our service to anybody in need of a hard surface restoration service.

Before and After of a Jacuzzi Surface RestorationBefore and After of a Jacuzzi Efflorescence Removal

Check out the pictures above of other jacuzzis that were looking run down, and we were able to restore them to almost like-new condition.

If your building's hard surfaces need to be renewed, Sir Grout is the solution! We offer the best service in the hard surface restoration industry at a fair price. For more information, fill in the form below or call (866) 476-8863. Our specialists will gladly help you.

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