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What Causes Grout to Crack and Crumble?

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March 05, 2019

Grout used to be an afterthought. It was thought of as a filler used to keep tiles in place and help keep away the moisture. Grout also protects the edges of your tiles by keeping them from pressing against one another. In recent decades, however, the artistic possibilities of grout have become more evident, with designers, contractors, and homeowners taking advantage of grout to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their tile projects.

 Humidity and Harsh Cleaners Are Major Causes of Grout Damage
The grout you use has, in fact, become as important as the tiles themselves. Because of the growth in the popularity of grout as a design element, there are countless homes throughout the U.S that make use of grout, even if it's just in a bathroom or kitchen area.

While grout has great design potential, making it attractive to homeowners, it doesn't come without a downside. One of the biggest problems with grout is its tendency to crack and even crumble away. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and when it does, you get the opposite effect of what you intended. Instead of a beautiful tile focal point that enhances the beauty of your home, what you get is an unsightly mess that detracts from your home's elegance.

What Causes Grout to Crack and Crumble?

Inferior grout can be a problem. Most grout is cement based and comes in sanded and un-sanded varieties. While this type of grout can be less expensive, it is porous by nature and needs to be properly sealed to keep moisture from seeping into the grout and beneath your tiles. Even when cement-based grout is sealed properly, it can lose its seal over time.

Cement Grout Is Porous and Prone to Cracking and Crumbling
Reasons for this include the use of harsh cleaners, heavy foot traffic, and time itself. Homeowners don't often think about whether or not the seal on their grout is still effective, and when it no longer is, the grout begins to fall into a state of disrepair.

Moisture is another enemy of porous grout, particularly if the grout is used on an outdoor project, in a bathroom, or in the kitchen area. Any area where there is moisture present, or where there is a risk of frequent spills, can be harmful to grout over time.

Unsealed Grout Can Lead to Severe Water Damage
Moisture getting into your grout can be the cause of another issue as well, and this one can lead to serious health issues for your family. Black mold. Porous grout absorbs moisture, especially in a shower where there is always moisture. Even steam creates enough moisture to find its way into the porous grout, eventually weakening it, or even causing the growth of black mold and other fungi. This not only leads to the grout cracking and crumbling, it can put your family at risk.

Grout Restoration and Grout Sealing

Fortunately, all is not lost when the grout in your home begins to crack and crumble. You don't even need to pay the expense of a remodel or renovation. In most cases, a simple grout restoration and grout sealing, or re-sealing, will do the trick.

Picture of Beige Shower Before and After Cracked and Crumbling Grout Repair
Grout restoration is a process that involves completely cleaning and re-coloring grout lines and replacing worn-out grout to restore your grout lines to their original state of functionality and aesthetics. Grout sealing, on the other hand, is the process of applying a sealant that will prevent future damage from exposure to moisture and other elements that can be detrimental to grout.

Of course, grout restoration and grout sealing are only effective if you trust the company performing those services for you. Sir Grout is a company you can depend on for the best grout restoration and grout sealing services anywhere, and best of all, we have locations throughout the United States. We are innovators in the hard surface care industry, specializing in the needs of homeowners and businesses alike. We know that our customers appreciate convenient, cost effective professional results, so we have, and will continue to, develop products to restore your hard surfaces to their original state. We have a range of proprietary cleaning methods and products that put our company and the results we achieve in a class above other companies in the floor restoration business.

Picture of Slate Tiles Floor Before and After Cracked Grout RepairPicture of a Shower Before and After Crumbling Grout Restoration
If you're having problems with your grout and you need grout restoration services or grout sealing services, we invite you to let us show you how we can restore your tile and grout to the way they were when they were new. A typical grout restoration and grout sealing process can be done in a day. We start by cleaning the area using our exclusive pH-neutral tile and grout cleaner and a high-speed scrubber. Our cleaner is safe for tiles and grout because it doesn't leave any residue behind.

Picture of Beige Tile Shower Before and After Damaged Grout RestorationPicture of a Mosaic Tile Shower Before and After Grout and Caulking Cracks Repair
Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner is enhanced with an ingredient that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and other microorganisms. We use a high-temperature steam cleaner to remove any mold and mildew from the affected areas as well. After a thorough cleaning, we repair any damaged grout with our professional grout restoration process and use our exclusive ColorSeal for grout sealing. We can even re-color your grout to suit your preference. The results of our meticulous process will leave you with tile and grout that looks like it did the day it was installed. Check our locations to find a Sir Grout near you.

At Sir Grout, our customers are our number one priority. Our past customers are our best references. Our exclusive products, professional technicians, and our commitment to meeting all of your hard surface restoration needs make us the best choice when you need grout restoration, grout sealing, or any other hard surface restoration, Sir Grout is your hard surface restoration expert.

We make it easy for you to learn more about our services by offering free in-home consultations. Our technicians are there to make it fast, easy, and convenient for you to learn about Sir Grout 's high-quality professional services. Our technicians are trained extensively and can help you find the right solution for your hard surface problems. They will assess your situation, offer the best solution to your grout problems, and explain how the process works.

Don't let grout give your home an ugly appearance. At Sir Grout, we have the solution to your hard surface issues. Our award-winning grout restoration and grout sealing processes will bring your tiles and grout to life again. Call us at (866) 476-8863 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form for a free in-home consultation. We will be glad to help you. To keep up with our latest information and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.

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